The 12 Best Mobile Apps For Creating Social Videos

Published on August 26, 2015

Because most social media platforms now offer businesses a chance to up their marketing ante posting videos, you might be wondering how to use this medium to your advantage. Videos are a great way to make your content more shareable. 

Of course, where there's filming, there should also be editing. Editing your videos before posting can increase the quality of their content and professional appeal, essentially taking your social media from a 10 to an 11

Fortunately for marketers, a degree in cinema is not a requirement for the production of great social videos. Take a cue from Beyoncé, and look to your smartphone as your own personal film crew. Here are the top 12 apps for editing social video: 

1. Replay

Do you know the differences between "Kelvin" and "Vesper?" If so, you're probably a heavy Instagram user and the ideal candidate for Replay. Available through iTunes, Replay is a free app that allows users to quickly select up to 200 pictures, set them to one of 24 video styles, and then share the finished product directly to social media. It's a great way to recycle older content while giving your audience a chance to get a feel for your visual content. 

2. Hyperlapse

Also available for free through the iTunes store, Hyperlapse uses Instagram's "in-house stabilization" to help users create time lapse videos - even while moving! With Hyperlapse, you can speed up or slow down your footage, polish it, and then post directly to Instagram and Facebook. 

3. Splice

Splice gives you unlimited time, no ads, and brilliant audio editing features (including sound effects and free songs!) so you can produce stellar videos and slideshows straight from your iPhone or iPad. 

4. iMovie

iMovie is the mainstay for Apple users and continues to impress with its ability to shoot, browse, and share HD videos straight from any device with iOS capabilities. 

5. Androvid

The Android OS, (iPhone) iOS's biggest rival, also boasts some killer video editing possibilities. The Androvid app, for example, gives users the option to create 30 second clips complete with sound editing, filters, and video to MP3 conversion. 

6. Kinemaster

Also available exclusively for Android, Kinemaster gives you all of the editing sophistication of a PC right in the palm of your hand. But, it also features the three little words all media producers love to hear: "Drag and drop." Kinemaster makes the splicing process quick and efficient. 

7. Lumify

Lumify is an easy-to-use video editor that will enable you to pull in music files from your music library while adding voiceovers, filters, and effects. It brings a clean, readable format to the table, making it teachable to all members of your staff. (Never miss another golden moment at the company holiday party again!)

8. ProCamera 8

ProCamera 8 touts itself as "Fast.Simple.Professional," and you'll probably agree. This iTunes and Android app features all of the qualities of a DSLR camera, including timer, filters, and color editing software. 

9. WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor that gives you the ability to move between interfaces, so you can easily move between desktop and smartphone for a wide range of editing possibilities. 

10. Cinefy

If you're looking to add a T.Rex to your latest post, Cinefy is for you. This application puts all of the power of Hollywood into one app, meaning that you can go about all of the typical editing functions of a smartphone app, and then put a flesh-eating robot in your video.

11. Magisto

Magisto lets users put together a video in three easy steps: 1. Select photos. 2. Pick a theme. 3. Add tunes. This app makes it easy to get a sophisticated product out of a simple process. 

12. Video Maker Pro

Made for Android, Video Maker Pro is a fully-functioning, open source editing app that is completely free. 

Like other forms of social media, videos can increase your SEO, making them a valuable part of your digital marketing strategy. For additional support as your design your digital marketing campaign, get in touch with Geek Chicago or sign up for our newsletter.  

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