The 3 New Twitter Cards on the Horizon

Published on January 2, 2015

Twitter Cards are Twitter's newest addition which has digital marketers everywhere excited by their prospects.

If you are in the "What's a twitter card?" category, be sure and check out this basics of Twitter Cards article we wrote a few weeks ago.

Should you already be on the bandwagon, you'll be pleased to here there are 3 new Twitter cards which are on the horizon, recently outlined by Steamfeed. Here is what they are, and how you will be able to take advantage of them.

1. Click to Call

Technically this card isn't quite official yet, but its prospects are totally cool.

Twitter's goal with these cards is to make it easy for users to directly buy items from brands that they like. And what better way for this to happen than to enable a way for people to directly call a store, right within Twitter?

The new "Click to Call" cards that are being tested come with a Call button embedded right in them.

Marketers should look at this card as the latest and greatest extension of lead generation. Not only can you Click to Call with these cards, you can also directly link a Twitter handle and email address to the card. Nice.

2. Polling Card

You may remember seeing this used in the 2014 Oscars. It is a new card which enables cards to poll Twitter users.

It's a simple one to use, typical of polling features you have no doubt seen in the past. Users click on their voting option, which breaks way to reveal a live and updated card with who is in first place right now.

There are certainly many ways to benefit from polling cards on Twitter, especially with implied heightened user engagement and new follower gain rates.

3. T-Commerce

Evidently, Twitter is looking to create a means to buy products directly on Twitter, without ever having to go to an external site.

This hypothetically will take the shape of T-commerce (or E-commerce) cards, creating an expedited means of purchasing not yet seen on Twitter.

T-commerce could be a huge plus for users and businesses alike, improving usability for users and heightening sales for businesses.

What sort of Twitter Card would you like to see?