5 Reasons You Need to Use Social Media to Boost Your SEO

Published on July 24, 2015

With more than 74% of internet users logging into social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter on a regular basis, social media needs to be a top priority when addressing your SEO issues (Pay lots of attention to Facebook- 71% of adults have profiles on this behemoth website). While it might take a while to get acquainted with these internet offerings, social media can be an invaluable method of reaching your target audience. Here are our top 5 reasons why you need to update your status, freshen up your Facebook copy, and hashtag the workweek away! 

1. It's Not Just About Google

The social media boom came along with something equally as important: the birth of the social search. The internet is changing the way people research products and services. (Maybe you looked up last night's restaurant on Yelp instead of consulting a Zagat guide). The numbers don't lie. Twitter searches hit 1.6 billion in 2011, while Facebook rakes in about 1 billion per day. Your leads are out there - Give them a chance to look you up and 'like' you before the conversation begins. 

2. Google and Twitter Partnership

This year, Google and Twitter announced their partnership. The whole thing might like a buddy comedy for geeks, but it will change the importance of Twitter for good. All of those public tweets from your company are now accessible through Google. 

Need a little cleaning up on Twitter before you start pushing your tweets out into the Googlesphere? We've got an answer for that problem, too.

3. Social Media Increases Organic Leads

So, someone just read that super clever blog post you just hammered out - Wonderful! Now, imagine if that someone shared that with their 1,200 Facebook friends. Boom! This action would be a double-whammy, because it would increase your potential leads and speak volumes about your business' credibility. Make sure you're giving your audience the opportunity to share your content (and make sure it is high quality content, at that)!

4. Your Brand Recognition and Brand Loyalty Matter

Now you've got two super clever blog posts and intend to keep rolling out that high quality content. Hooray! It sounds like you're on the way to creating an image for your brand! By sharing these posts through social media, you can build a loyal audience of followers that seeks out your engaging and relevant material through Google. This, in turn, will boost your search relevancy. 

5. Social Media Helps You Climb the Search Result Ladder

Search for any given company, and you'll see that their social media profiles pop up within in the first few results. Those pages are not only taking up slots that could be filled with competitors, but they are also offering a fuller picture of your company. These multiple pages can provide you with space to post images from your team's volunteer weekend with Habitat for Humanity or that hilarious meme that your programmer made earlier this morning, making your company accessible, fun, and relevant. 

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