App of the Week – 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Published on January 20, 2016

With 2016 in full swing, we've got the app that may help you stick those New Year's resolutions.

Enter the 7 Minute Workout Challenge.

Made popular by a beaming New York Times article, the 7 Minute Workout Challenge has been an international best-selling workout app for over two years. The app excels by creating a balanced workout that's just long enough to see gains and just short enough that you might do it regularly.

Wait. Hold on. Pump the brakes. Can you get a proper workout in 7 minutes?

It's based on the concept of high-intensity circuit training — a combination of aerobic and resistance training with a short rest time in between. A few studies show that such a workout can achieve greater results than longer exercise routines with longer rest periods.

The team at 7 Minute Workout Challenge have put together 12 exercises that can be performed in seven minutes. The catch is - you need to do them to the best of your abilities (the high-intensity part) to see results.

The app features video and audio step-by-step instruction that tell when to perform a given exercise and when to rest. It includes charts and graphs to track your weight and visualize your progress, which are key in staying motivated. There's also a calendar that records all of your workouts and let's you see them at a glance.

Seven Minute Workout Challenge is available for $3 on Android and iOS.

Still not convinced? Let this hitchhiker state his case for a seven minute workout.

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