How to Have Access to All Your Files, No Matter Where You Are

Published on November 20, 2013

It's 3:30 on a Friday afternoon, and you've somehow managed to escape the office early to start your much needed weekend. You dash home, make some hot chocolate, slip into your PJs, and get set to catch up on The Walking Dead (or, you know, Glee or something... we don't judge).

All is well until that inevitable work call from your boss.

"I need you to send me this urgently important work document that you most likely don't have access to at home."
"Of course, right away."
(Subtext: Well, crap.)

Ordinarily, this would instigate a frantic clothing change and a dash to the office - something we're sure you'd rather not have to do on a Friday evening.

Thankfully, having access to ALL of your documents on ALL of your workstations (including your phone and tablet) is easy, convenient, and best of all... free.

Cloud storage enables users to have access to all files on all devices at all times

Times on the go, at home, on vacation, or even when you've stepped out for lunch are all times when cloud software may come in handy.

Cloud storage has saved the day for me countless times, as I've been on the go - and very much laptop-less - at a time where a timely edit needed to be made on a project for one of our clients. At these times, I've been able to access my documents and make changes from my phone, or log into another computer and open up my Dropbox account.

Automatically Share Your Documents With Your Co-Workers

Constantly e-mailing files back and forth is a sure way for documents to get lost in the shuffle (even if you're using Cloud software can create shared folders for both you and your co-workers to have access to. If you need to make updates to a document, save it, and it will sync across all of your co-worker's platforms as well.

The Top 3 Cloud Storage Systems that are Geek-Approved

There are 3 cloud storage systems that we love using here at Geek.

1. Dropbox

You've probably heard of this service. Dropbox is the golden standard of cloud sharing devices. It's free and easy to use on all of your mobile devices.

2. Box

Box is marketed as the cloud storage solution "choice for companies." Right now they're promoting business account sign up. Using a secure file service like Box can help ensure the safety and transparency of company files. Box offers options for businesses that integrate well with your pre-established business apps.

3. Google Drive

If you're a regular Google Apps user, Google Drive may be a great way for you to go. It is well integrated with the rest of the Google line. Additionally, it comes with built-in apps to help you complete whatever tasks you have at hand in a more optimized fashion.

What have your experiences been with Cloud Storage systems? Drop us a line!