App of the Week – Choosic

Published on March 30, 2015

The "swipe left/swipe right" Tinder-esque app mentality has made its way to our music listening by means of Choosic - the latest way to discover what new music you like (or, you know, don't.)

This app is pretty self-explanatory, really. When a song plays, swipe right to like the song, left to not like, and move on to the next song. This smart little app learns your preferences over time, and tends to start turning you on to more and more music that floats your boat.

All those songs you like along the way go into your own special playlist for later listening, so you won't loose any discoveries. You can personalize playlists more from there, should you desire.

Choosic pulls from over 600 blogs and curators to bring in the latest tracks. A lot of the music is less mainstream, which is really an added bonus for the music afficionatos out there. You'll definitely discover a lot of new artists through this app.

Simple and genuinely fun, Choosic is a great new free app which you should definitely take advantage of. What are you waiting for? Start tappin' those feet!

Click here or on the image to learn more about Choosic