App of the Week – CloudCal

Published on November 11, 2015

CloudCal is a beautiful and a powerfully simple calendar app that breathes fresh air into the management of your daily schedule.

The way it goes beyond any other calendar is through “Magic Circles,” a feature that transforms the days of the month into clock faces. Pretty cool! At a glance, it quickly informs you of what’s the docket for the day.

Visually, CloudCal does away with clutter to showcase a clean, friendly look. The intuitively designed swipe gestures make navigation straightforward and simplified. Altogether, the concept is very captivating and visually adds clarity to a busy schedule.

CloudCal also syncs with Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Exchange Outlook and it’s sister app CloudTasks.

We’ve tried multiple calendar apps; CloudCal is one of the best out there. It’s a no nonsense, visibly enjoyable way to organize you life.

Download it for free on the Android App Store