App of the Week – Cozi Family Planner

Published on October 20, 2015

It takes a village to raise a child. Or, you know, a really good app.

The Cozi Family Planner app is, without a doubt, a parent's dream. If its 4.5 star rating in iTunes and Google Play is any indication of the success of this platform, getting your family schedule at organized may just be a quick download away.

Cozi manages your family's activities and appointments all within the app. You can also keep easy tabs on shopping lists, chores, recipes and more. The best organizational system of this app perhaps lies in the ability to sort out events and tasks by family member (and you can color code each family member for quick visual recognition.)

Want to distribute tasks to other family members? You can assign chores or other "to-dos" within the app, and then get notified when (and if) the tasks are completed.

Finally, Cozi provides a "Family Journal" functionality to quickly share and store memories. Add any photograph from your collection into the shared Journal, or write a quick note to a family member while on the move. This is a great way to store memories on a shared platform for your entire family to see at any time.

This app integrates cross-platform, including iPhone, iPad, Windows phone, and directly from your computer.

Learn more about Cozi by clicking here or on the image