App of the Week – Gas Guru

Published on April 7, 2015

Fill up your tank for less with the surprisingly handy Gas Guru app. This new app for iPhone and Android pulls in important gas station gas prices, lays it out on a map form, and directs you to your cheapest fuel solution.

The app itself has a sleek look about it, especially with their recent iOS redesign. It even comes with some handy price color coding (yellow for good, green for best) if you're only able to glance at your phone to find a location.

When gas is few and far between, you may make good use out of the "distance" feature, which can tell you not only which gas station has the cheapest price near you, but its distance from your location.

And yeah. That's about it. Beauty in simplicity with this app.

An added bonus to this app which we'd love to see in the future is the ability to plan out a road trip, selecting multiple cheap gas stations along the way, but really this app is pretty golden (and accurate) as is.

Learn more about the Gas Guru app here