App of the Week – Hotel My Phone

Published on April 11, 2015

You're out and about, expecting that important text message from that important someone within the hour, and... your phone's at 2% battery. While this would normally render you phoneless for the rest of the evening, Hotel My Phone comes in to save the day.

Hotel My Phone essentially lets you borrow a friend's phone and use it as your own, enabling you to temporarily access your contacts, messages, and make calls with your own personal phone number.

When you're done, just log-out. Your information has been removed. No need to fret. And if you forget to log-out, the app will log you out after a 4 hour period, regardless, leaving no trace of your personal information on the host phone.

Hotel My Phone works on both Android and iPhone, and is free. Woohoo!

Click here or on the image to learn more about Hotel My Phone