App of the Week – News Feed Eradicator

Published on December 16, 2015

We've all been there.

There's a down moment at work, so you hop on Facebook for just a second, just to see if you have any new notifications. That's it, and then back to work. The site loads, and even before you check your notifications, you notice something in your News Feed.

Denise from sophomore year posted wedding photos. Wedding photos?! You didn't even know she was dating anyone! You've got to look at these. So you do.

Then, below that in the Feed, Jack from your intramural kickball team posted a clip of Jimmy Fallon playing Pictionary with Megan Fox. You shouldn't watch it, you tell yourself. You should get back to work. But Jack said the video made him "ROFL." You promise yourself that you'll only watch this one video, and then it's back to work. A fair compromise. So you watch it. Then after the video is done, you forget the pact you made with yourself and keep scrolling and clicking down the News Feed.

And round and round we go. Until...

News Feed Eradicator to the rescue! Your online life will never be the same again.

News Feed Eradicator is a Chrome Extension that removes your Facebook News Feed and replaces it instead with rotating inspirational quotes about time management. The other aspects of your profile remain untouched and usable. You retain the ability to use the search bar, check profiles and your message center, all without the cluttered temptation of your News Feed.

Like any Chrome Extension, you can turn the Eradicator on and off from the extension center if you want to check your Feed.

Facebook is designed to draw you in and entice you to spend as much time there as possible. That's good for Facebook, but bad for your productivity. Some say you should delete it altogether if you want to improve your productivity, but there's a real value to using Facebook as a marketing tool for businesses and connecting with old friends. The key is to use it, not let it use you.

The News Feed Eradicator is free on the Chrome App store.