App of the Week – Streamline Calendar

Published on June 1, 2015

Taming a busy calendar has gotten much easier, thanks to the latest app from Serendipi, Streamline Calendar.

As you may expect, this app effectively tidies up a calendar with a new organizational system designed to streamline your schedule into a "hour, day, week view." These replace the more traditional month, day, week views we find in most other calendar apps. Because of this solution, your home timeline shows more information than normal about your schedule, and makes it easy to see what is directly coming up next. The app fetches this information from your native iOS Calendar app, so make sure you set that up first.

Another handy little feature for this app is the use of spacing between events to display free, unscheduled time in your day (should you need to quickly find a time to squeeze in a last minute meeting.)

Design, color use, and typeface in this calendar are all very visually appealing, which is just an added bonus to this functionality. Overall, it is a no-frills app that delivers the information you need in a consolidated and optimized fashion.

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