Gadget of the Week – AUKEY Jump Starter

Published on March 9, 2017

Remember when you first started driving? What were the things your parents or driving instructors always said? Hands at ten and two, always adjust your mirrors, be sure to buckle up, and always have emergency supplies on hand.

Fortunately, that last point is easier than ever today, thanks to innovations like the AUKEY Jump Starter.

Jumper cables can be huge, unwieldy, and intimidating – but not having them on hand to care for your car battery can lead to some tricky situations.

The Jump Starter takes the stress out of jumping a car battery; not only does it condense everything you’ll need into one tiny, convenient unit, but it also stores all the energy you’ll need to fully revive just about any car battery – meaning that you’ll never have to call up a friend or flag down a stranger again!

Even better, this AUKEY gadget comes ready to deal with that uniquely 21st century car emergency: An uncharged smartphone. With one USB port perfect for just about any smartphone or mobile device, the Jump Starter’s 12000mAh capacity is a handy safeguard to keep in your vehicle at all times; with this gadget around, you’ll never have to worry if your cell phone or GPS is going to be ready to go when you need them most. And while the Jump Starter is a powerful little tool, its built-in safety mechanisms will always protect your devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

And the utility of this little unit doesn’t stop there; the device also boasts a surprisingly strong flashlight feature, so you’ll never have to worry about fixing your car in total darkness.

Ready to have one of these three-in-one wonders in your car or garage? The AUKEY Jump Starter is available to purchase through Amazon for right around $50.

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