Gadget of the Week – BB-8 by Sphero

Published on January 20, 2016

We don't hide our Geek status over here, no surprises, and Star Wars has been a big part of our lives. To us - and we're sure many of you - each character, planet, and adventure have become unforgettable.

And now, for the first time ever, it's possible to explore the galaxy (and living room) with your own Droid by your side.

Say hello to BB-8 by Sphero, an app enabled Droid, which houses the same technology used in the BB-8 Droid in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

This miniaturized version is totally bluetooth functional, which means you control BB-8 through a free companion app on your iOS or Android device.

If you want BB-8 to explore himself, turn on Patrol Mode. In this mode, his autonomous behavior allows him to venture off on his own, get familiar with your space, and investigate the surroundings. BB-8 will run around for an hour before he needs to be recharged with the included charging station.

We've been taught that no Droid is complete without holographic messaging, and with BB-8 you can do just that. Via the companion app, you can record, send, and view holographic videos.

BB-8 retails for $149. If you want to try before you buy, visit your neighborhood Apple Store and ask for a demo.

This is the Droid you’re looking for. Find out more about the BB-8 Droid here.

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