Gadget of the Week – Bedphones

Published on June 15, 2016

For many of us, going to sleep isn’t actually the most relaxing or stress-free time of day; instead, it’s the time when our brains refuse to turn off, when we think about the future or replay the events of the past few hours over and over again.

To quiet a rushing mind, many turn to music, podcasts, or white noise – much to the annoyance of our partners. And while headphones may be a quick fix, standard earbuds or headsets can be bulky or uncomfortable, come loose over several hours, or even get stuck in your ears in the middle of the night.

How can you get the sound quality you want while staying comfortable? Enter Bedphones.

Billing themselves as the “thinnest headphones in the world” at less than a quarter of an inch thick, Bedphones are specifically designed with comfortable sleep in mind. Rather than an in-ear or over-ear design, Bedphones are designed to lay totally flat on-ear between your head and the pillow. To ensure that they stay in place over a long night of tossing and turning, Bedphones come with adjustable ear-hooks made from “gentle, rubber-coated memory wire."

And Bedphones aren’t just for sleeping! The headphones are sturdy enough for daily wear and travel, and come with an in-line microphone and a single-button remote, letting you control your music without having to check your phone. Even better, the headphones come with a free satin sleep mask and a “sleep app” for streamlining your phone for easier use at bedtime.

Ready for the headphones that Wired Magazine says will let you “sleep the whole night soundly?” Bedphones – currently in their third “generation” – are available to purchase for about $60 through Amazon and the Bedphones site.

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