Behind the Scenes of the Samsung Galaxy S5

Published on February 6, 2014

Samsung is working on its next generation Galaxy phone, the S5, set to release a few months down the road.  The new phone has been teased a bit to generate a bit of excitement.  

Here is what we can speculate about the Samsung Galaxy S5:

It will be called the Galaxy S5

...according to Samsung's executive vice president Lee Young Hee in an interview, anyway.

It is coming out by April 2014

Hee indicated that the phone would launch before April of 2014.  According to Business Insider, it is likely that Samsung will wait until the Mobile World Congress event in late February before making the announcement.

There is talk of an eye scanner

Samsung has been experimenting with an iris scanner, and it is likely that it will appear in the Galaxy S5.  It is similar to fingerprint scanners we've seen on previous smartphones, as it also overrides the need for a passcode.

Two potential body styles: plastic and metal

Similar to the Apple 5C and 5S differentiations, Samsung may also opt to release a cheaper model of their phone made with plastic, and a more expensive one using metal.

64-bit processor

It is extremely likely that the Galaxy 5S will be following in Apple's footsteps and release a phone with a super-fast 64-bit processor.  Samsung announced, shortly following Apple's announcement of their 5S having a 64-bit processor, that its next generation of phone would have a super-fast chip as well.

4 GB of Ram

Samsung announced their new 4GB chip a few weeks ago, and we can anticipate it will make a debut with the 5S.

Galaxy Gear Smart Watch will be likely launched at the same time

Hee announced that new Galaxy Gear that will be released will be slimmer and more functional than their first generation predecessors.  The first generation watch had relatively negative reviews due to limited battery life and functionality, so an update is undoubtedly due.

You know our Chief Geek Jason Finn will get one of these babies right away.  Will you?