How Our Clients are Benefiting from Digital Marketing

Published on May 15, 2017

Why digital marketing? What can it really do for me?

These are the sorts of questions we hear all the time from business owners nervous to take the plunge. Why so hesitant? We’ve heard any number of reasons:

It’s hard to monitor your success!

It’s not right for businesses like mine!

I don’t have any more time to spare!

While we understand the hesitation, it’s also important to realize that having a digital marketing strategy in place is one of the keys to remaining competitive and accessible in our modern digital landscape. SEO, social media marketing, and sleek design – these aren’t buzzwords, but essential building blocks for reaching and retaining your future customers.

So, why digital marketing? It builds and bolsters your brand, makes your workflow more convenient and efficient, provides measurable data, and increases brand recognition and loyalty by putting the customer in control. And we can prove it.

Why do our clients love our one-of-a-kind approach to digital marketing? Let us count the ways:

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Approach to Digital Marketing

Around a year ago, Geek Chicago took on a client who came to us seeking SEO, social media, and web development solutions. This client works in a fairly specialized industry, and, as a result, sought to reach and capture as many hot leads as possible, without stretching their budget.

This is what their Google Analytics results looked like shortly after we began implementing our content and social media marketing campaigns to their redesigned website, circa October of last year:

As you can see, paid search and display ads made up the bulk of this client’s traffic at the time; these methods, however, were extremely costly to run for them, and weren’t necessarily generating the sorts of warm leads and ROI that our clients wanted to be seeing.

Here’s how their traffic broke down in March of 2017:

What a difference digital marketing makes! After ramping up our efforts – including building up and maintaining a high quality blog optimized for search engines, as well as creating a social media marketing strategy that included limited paid promotion – our client’s traffic distribution shifted enormously. Today, social media makes up almost a quarter of their total traffic, and organic search has blossomed as well, jumping up from 10.8% of their traffic to a whopping 18.3%.

For a closer look at that search growth, check out the graph below, which spans from March of 2016 to March, 2017; you can clearly see that organic traffic essentially doubles over the course of just one year, and is poised to continue growing as time goes on:

So, with our holistic approach to digital marketing in place, our clients have been able to ease up on their costlier advertising expenses, all without ever sacrificing on total traffic. In fact, they’re generating more conversions than ever, thanks to a multi-faceted approach to digital marketing that puts their ideal audience front and center with searchable, educational content and a robust, accessible presence across several social channels.

The Benefits of Content Marketing

There are some old graphs from our friends at Hubspot that we like to cite here at Geek; they highlight how traffic accelerates dramatically as you index more content on your site:

From these, we see a clear correlation between amount of content and number of hits; once a blog hits that golden number between 50 and 100 posts, their traffic skyrockets. Similarly, the higher the number of indexed pages to a website, the more traffic it receives, as evidenced by that first graph.

Fortunately, we know that these dramatic results aren’t just theoretical; we’ve seen them replicated in the results of our own clients!

For instance, check out the traffic for a Chicago-based plumbing company who turned to us for website design and content marketing solutions:

From early 2016 to early 2017, you can see that the number of sessions nearly tripled, with the sharpest increases occurring only after our long, steady campaign of content creation.

(And that content? It’s pretty high quality – you can check out a few of our favorite examples here and here.)

In addition to sheer volume, it’s also important to remember that every single piece of content can be optimized to reach as many eyes as possible via both search optimization and social sharing. With that in mind, we emphasize quality for every single piece of content we create for a client, prioritizing research and taking on a multi-stage editing and approval process, similar to the sort you may find in top newsrooms around the country. From there, our visual marketing gurus either capture or create some of the most gorgeous images you’ll find on the web, priming our custom content to generate attention and shares on social media.

Perhaps even more importantly, we also optimize each and every piece of content we create for maximum searchability, using Google Analytics, Google Trends, and our own audience research to determine not just how to write our content, but what to write and who to write for; we both go broad and get into the nitty gritty, creating the sort of specialized, “long-tail” content that allows our clients to stand out on search engines and reach the audiences most in need of their services.

For an example of our many SEO tactics in action, check out this graph, which tracks the page views for a piece of content from our own company blog:

That slow, steady climb isn’t incidental: It’s the result of quality writing and on-page optimization, specifically primed to appeal not just to search engines, but to the human readers who turn to them for help.

That one blog post is bringing in more than 1100 pageviews per month, all by itself; imagine the benefits for your brand that could come from having multiple pieces of content all operating at that level or better.

It’s a lot to take in! That’s why we’re here, day or night, to answer any questions or to talk over what a comprehensive digital marketing strategy could do for you. Whether you’re a total luddite, a big fish in a small pond, or even a tech savvy enterprise looking to work even more efficiently, the Geek team can help! Drop us a line today to get the conversation started!

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