Gadget of the Week – BOBINE Charge Cable/Stand

Published on March 16, 2016

What if you need to keep your iPhone handy to reference a recipe, but you don’t have a spare hand to keep picking it up and putting it down, all the while making sure it remains plugged in?

Or have you ever wanted a convenient tripod to keep your iPhone stable – and juiced up – for a marathon Facetime session?

How can you make sure your phone stays in the perfect position to hit “snooze” in the morning and stay charged all night?

For all of those cases and more, BOBINE is here to help.

Created by Fuse Chicken, BOBINE is a lightning charge cable and stand in one. 24 inches long and wrapped in virtually-indestructible nickel-plated steel, BOBINE can be coiled and twisted into all sorts of positions, letting it serve as a cable, stand, dock, or tripod, all while charging your iPhone using a standard USB charger or computer port.

Everyone with an iPhone knows how much of a struggle it can be to dock conveniently: With thin, flimsy wires everywhere, it’s easy for your phone to slip off a table or detach from a power source without much of a nudge. With the BOBINE, it’s easy to keep your phone plugged in and functional in virtually any position you can imagine.

MFi certified as a lightning cable, the BOBINE is compatible with all current iPhones. While it boasts case compatibility, many Amazon users have complained about its functionality with several types of phone protectors, including some Otterbox cases, so be ready to take off your iPhone’s case before you can hook it up.

Originally created thanks to backing from Kickstarter contributors, BOBINE currently retails for $35.00 through Amazon or the Fuse Chicken website.

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