Lookout for Business – Secure Your Employee’s Mobile Devices

Published on November 21, 2013

We're no stranger to the benefits that security company Lookout provides. Earlier this fall, as we were excited to find, Lookout released a mobile security suite specifically designed for businesses.

Do your employees use their own phone or tablet for business? Your data is at risk.

Here's how to protect it.

Lookout for Business especially helps Protect "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) Businesses

With a vast array of mobile devices coming into work spaces and accessing work information on them, IT departments have seen the necessity of finding a way to secure and protect sensitive information within the company, no matter the device.

The new Lookout for Business suite protects a broad range of devices (as well as both personal and company owned phones and tablets) from malicious links, malware, and suspicious apps.

Protection Against Lost or Stolen Devices

Lookout for Business offers great protection for lost or stolen devices, having the ability to track or wipe the device clean if need be. This feature is available for admins and employees alike, so that anyone can wipe the system (with user verification, of course).

Lookout for Business is Low Maintenance and Designed to be User Friendly

Lookout for Business is easily used by employees themselves, rather than managed by a Tech Department. Once activated, employees are sent a link to download the app, where they can then register their devices themselves.

Lookout's goal is for the user to be able to manage themselves, before any administrative personnel have to come in. Efficiency and usability are the end goals.

Automatically Backs-Up User Information

We encourage all mobile device users to back up their devices stat to avoid losing content on their phone. With Lookout, it is a one-stop-shop, as it will automatically back up your information right within the app. In the event of a theft, this is a great feature to have.

Doesn't Rely on Definition Updates

Many Antivirus firms rely on definition updates alone, but Lookout for Business receives real-time updates over the air. Lookout did this by building a data set of every application (every binary) worldwide. Lookout uses that data to develop its own matching technology that can identify bad code and repair it.

The Price is Right: $5 per device, per month

Lookout is an affordable way to keep your company's information secure. They recently announced that plans for businesses break down to $5 per device, per month.

Have you had any experience with Lookout? Drop us a line and let us know what you think!