Client Success Story: Cage + Aquarium

Published on September 12, 2019

Based in Chicago, with services available in San Diego and the San Francisco Bay Area, Cage + Aquarium Productions is a premier event DJ, emcee, and photography service. Cage + Aquarium connects event hosts with industry-leading DJs and photographers. Their expansive roster of DJs offer in-depth music knowledge and hundreds of hours of training on turntables with Scratch DJ Academy, while their photographers bring a natural eye for visual storytelling and the skills to realize their clients’ vision. 

Our Mission

Tyler and Shelley, the founders of Cage + Aquarium, strive for authenticity and quality in all they do. When they came to Geek Chicago looking for a new website, we knew our final product had to be as bold and forward-thinking as the rapidly expanding company it would represent. 

Working with designer Angela Carpenter of Angela Carpenter Creative, the Geek Chicago team developed a website that offers robust functionality, in an elegant and visually dynamic package. Some highlights of Cage + Aquarium’s finished site include: 

  • Seamless integration of video
  • Multimedia-focused blog and gallery space, perfect for highlighting photographers’ high-definition images
  • Intuitive lead-capture forms driven by strong calls-to-action
  • Streamlined navigation on both desktop and mobile devices 


“Working with the team at Geek Chicago to build our new site was the smartest decision we made that year, no question,” says general manager Tyler Huffman. “I cannot recommend Geek Chicago enough if you are looking to get a new website or give your current one a facelift. They are amazing!” 

He continues:

“The design was exactly what we needed but didn't know we wanted. The team just got us and our brand! We are a music company and they even had the creative vision to take a high def, close up picture of a speaker grate to create a really cool design as part of our page. It is those little touches we feel we wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. All of our deadlines were met and we launched when we were supposed to (which is kind of unheard of!). Changes to the site are easy to make, and Geek maintains all of our updates to make sure we are always online and our customer experience is never buggy.”