CamScanner Makes Scanning Portable (and Affordable)

Published on June 18, 2014

On-the-go, all-in-one, inter-connected, and portable electronics are at the forefront of the technology craze of today. We're all about universal cloud storage, multi-platform apps that respond to one another, using our phone for our flashlight, our alarm clock, our calculator... and our scanner.

Scanning apps, as they go, can be so-so.  The exception to the rule is an app that has stood the test of time, and is ranked the #1 scanning tool out there - CamScanner.

User friendly features abound

This tool produces some archive-worthy, high-quality scans, and its not just for Geeks.  Here are some of the ways CamScan excels in usability:

  • CamScan comes with the auto-crop and smart-enhance features that make your document look completely professional. It will sense the borders of your page, and scan it in enhancing readability by eliminating shadows, rotation, and more.
  • There are also some great annotation features that allow you to custom watermark your pages, add notes/annotations, and more.
  • A nifty searchable PDF option allows users to search for text/images directly within the scanned document. Neat!
  • It syncs across all platforms as well, updating files on your smartphone, tablet, and computer simultaneously.

There is a free version available with some limited features, but at the moment CamScanner Pro is only $0.99 on Google Play and iTunes (limited time only!)


Have you used CamScanner?  What has your experience been?  Let us know your thoughts!