Cometdocs Document Management System Makes PDF Conversion a Breeze

Published on March 13, 2015

Cometdocs is easily the most accurate PDF to Word converter we've ever used.

Gone are the days of recreating shared PDF files in order to edit them, thanks to this fantastic free new service from document management system Cometdocs.

This may very well be the first all-encompassing online extension which not only supports a vast variety of file formats for file conversion, but also creates a free platform for users to upload, transfer, and share files with personalized links in mere seconds. Here are the details.

PDF Conversion Made Easy

One of our favorite elements of Cometdocs is the sheer simplicity it provides for PDF conversion, which essentially takes your frozen PDF image and converts it into an editable file type of your choice. Cometdocs supports these types of conversions:

  • PDF to Word (docx)
  • PDF to Excel (xlsx)
  • PDF to Powerpoint (pptx)
  • PDF to DWG (zipped file)
  • PDF to HTML (html)
  • PDF to ODP
  • PDF to ODT
  • PDF to ODS
  • PDF to PNG (zipped file)
  • PDF to JPEF (zipped file)
  • PDF to TIF
  • PDF to TXT

Conversely, you can also create PDFs out of images and all other document formats.

Document Management Services

What really sets Cometdocs appart is their document management capabilities integrated directly within the program:

Upload and Store

Most simply, users are able to upload, convert, and save documents right into this online service for later use. Uploading is as easy as a drag-and-drop maneuver from your desktop to the program, through Google Drive to the program (via an installed extension), or a file search on your computer.

These uploaded files can then be converted into other formats. The original file will be stored, along with its converted formats.


From there, users have the ability to transfer an uploaded or converted file directly to other email addresses. This is another user friendly service, requiring a simple drag and drop of an uploaded file, an entry of any email addresses you'd like to share the file with, an optional message, and the file will be sent off. It is as simple as that.


Another fantastic sharing option Cometdocs provides is the ability to host a file on a live, sharable URL for all to see. You can also make this link private, if you desire. Simply drag and drop, and Cometdocs creates a link for you in a flash.

The hosting aspect also provides integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for immediate social media integration.

Google Drive Integration

If you're an avid Google user like all of us are here at Geek | Chicago, you'll find a great benefit in using Cometdocs. Cometdocs connects to your Google account directly though your Gmail, and works directly with your Google Drive files with this added extension.

Using the Service

All in all, we have found Cometdocs to execute its simplicity with finesse, allowing for easy Google integration and usability - no, you do not have to be a techie to use this service. This program is ideal for both business professionals and personal users.

Cometdocs is a free service with some limitations (which can be removed with the purchase of a premium membership).

For free members (without registration), there is a limit of 3 conversions weekly per IP address, 100MB worth of daily file transfers per IP address, and transfer/host links are only valid for 24 hours.

For free members (with registration), there is a limit of 5 conversions weekly per account, 1 GB worth of daily file transfers per account, 2 GB document storage limit. Transfer and host links do not expire for registered users, and sharing visibility control is heightened.

Premium members have unlimited conversions weekly per account, 2 GB worth of daily file transfers per account, and 10 GB of document storage (along with some other fantastic benefits).

Check out Cometdocs for free here, and let us know what you think!