Business Consulting Services

Published on May 22, 2011

Geek | Chicago provides technology guidance, web development, and advisory services to small businesses, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs.

Geek can help with a gamut of technology needs including building a dynamic web presence that actually reaches your existing customers and a broader audience.

We can set up a new office network for internet access, file sharing, and printing needs, or just setting up a single PC, tablet computer, or printer. 

We can help evaluate new technology purchases in the context of your needs, and recommend processes for everyday tasks like backing up data and optimizing PCs.

There are many consumer-oriented and small business-oriented tools and software as a service (SaaS) offerings that are incredibly inexpensive, or even free.  Where practical and appropriate, Geek | Chicago enjoys leveraging these tools to ease communication, sharing of data, and peace of mind that your valuable business resources are backed up, and available to your team wherever you may be.  We personally use these tools ourselves on a variety of platforms - Windows, Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone), and are increasing our reach prospectively.

Have a new problem or new technology that you think we haven't seen before?  We're fast learners too.  With more than a decade of consulting experience, we've been thrown in the deep end a few times!

Our services and skills are expanding quickly.  If you aren't sure, drop us a line!