App of the Week – Curious: The Game of Learning

Published on February 15, 2018

Are you looking to learn something new every day? Why not turn education into a fun, immersive game?

All it takes to get started is downloading the Curious app!

Billing itself as “the game of lifelong learning,” Curious allows you to engage with bite size lessons and take on fun, brain-stimulating challenges, all at your own pace and on your own schedule. Even if you have as little as five minutes a day to commit to Curious, there’s still value to be had in this amazing app.

Here’s how it works: Once you download the app, you’ll complete a brief interview. This will allow the service to customize your settings, based on your experience levels and interests with a variety of different topics, broken down into categories ranging from “STEM” to “Aesthetics.”

With these steps out of the way, you’ll be all set with your own, totally personalized “CQ Wheel.” Every day, Curious will use your Wheel to send you a unique “CQ workout,” a multimedia regimen that help you “learn interesting facts, view bite-sized lessons, take in-depth courses, and even watch fascinating conversations with curious people.”

Grounded in decades of learning science and boasting some remarkable partnerships and content – including access to a variety of TED Talks and NPR shows – there’s a reason why Curious has been called “the Netflix of learning!”

Want to get started training your brain, spicing up your daily routine, or even just collecting fun facts for your next cocktail party conversation? You can get started with Curious for iOS and Android devices. Users can pay by the month for $9.99, or buy a year’s subscription for $69.99 (both offers come with a free trial period).

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