Digital Valet Services

Published on May 22, 2011

Geek | Chicago offers Digital Valet Services to individuals who require some assistance with their PC, website, mobile phone, home network, mobile computing, or technology purchase decisions.

We provide services by telephone, in our office, at your location, or by sharing your computer screen remotely.  We are Geeks, afterall.  We discount our affordable hourly rates when you pre-purchase blocks of time.

Stay tuned for more information on our Valet services.

PCs & Networking

  • Computer Training
  • PC Setup
  • Email setup
  • Printer install
  • Home Network setup, including router, networked printer, on network storage

Cell Phone & Mobile Data

  • Wireless headset install (bluetooth)
  • Email configuration
  • Mobile internet
  • iPad and tablet configuration

Digital Media (Music & Video)

  • Digitizing your media
  • Connecting to your home theater
  • Storing and backing up your media

Web Development

  • Domain registration
  • Creation of simple to complex websites
  • Creation of online forms, community tools (forums, networking)
  • Integration of social media

We do all of this, and a lot more.  Our services are billed hourly.  Just ask if you have questions.