It’s Time to Ditch Content Marketing Templates

Published on January 6, 2017


There can be no denying that the internet has become more and more homogenous over the years. We’re far, far away from the Wild West years of the 1990s and early 2000s, when sites like this Space Jam monstrosity were a rule, rather than an (absolutely jaw-dropping) exception.

Over the years, we’ve seen a move to the middle for all sorts of sites, and it’s easy to name or sketch out the main design features of just about any modern landing page. As web developers, we’ve all adopted some standard best practices because they work, whether it's because they're functional and responsive on mobile devices or because they allow for quick load times and easy navigation on a wide array of screen sizes.

We love the sleek, minimalist look of the modern web. We love usability. We love the easy-to-grasp universal language of aesthetics that comes with standardization. (One thing we don’t love? Free web building tools, which take “generic” and “cookie cutter” to new heights, and hold you hostage, while charging an arm and a leg for premium features.)

But what happens when “universal” becomes bland? When a refreshing aesthetic becomes played-out? That’s where unique, quality content comes in. Unfortunately, however, many in our industry are even outsourcing content creation and layouts to pre-made algorithms and templates. And that’s a real shame.

Your brand’s content – your infographics, your multimedia blog posts, your videos - is what makes you stand out in our Web 3.0 environment.

Content creates value. Content establishes your brand’s narrative and identity. By way of SEO and social media, content is what allows curious searchers to find your brand in the first place. Even better, once you’ve found your audience, content is then the tool that guides a curious visitor into becoming a loyal customer and partner for life.

But none of this process is going to happen if your content doesn’t stand out!

If you rely on free templates and pre-written blogs, you’re not creating anything of value, and so you won’t see any value come back to you. Why? Search engines are too smart for pre-fabricated or automated content. They’ll filter it right out. Readers are too smart to be engaged by the same cookie cutter infographic template that they’ve seen 80 other places online. They’ll bounce right away from it.

You’ll never be the next big thing if you’re satisfied with looking like everything else.

Stand out. Be creative. Think like an author. Play with new toys. Get personal.

Don’t just create more of the same, create what’s never been done. Create the content that you want to see, because we promise that it’s what your customer base wants to see, too. Design an experience, cultivate sharing and knowledge, and really create value, and you’ll see that value come back to you.

Want to talk in more depth about what a comprehensive content marketing strategy can do for your brand? Don’t hesitate to drop Geek a line! We’d be more than happy to talk you through some of our past projects and share our philosophy on what works – and what doesn’t – in the worlds of web development, multiplatform content, and social media marketing.

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