Published on May 20, 2011

Geek | Chicago offers classes for the non-Geek and the burgeoning Geek alike.

Perhaps you'd simply like the email on your smart phone and the email on your desktop computer to stay in sync.  Maybe you're afraid that all of those great digital pictures and digital music on your computer are vulnerable to a hard drive crash, theft, or a computer virus.  Perhaps your small business needs a presence on the web and in social media, but you don't know where to start.

Our classes range from our signature 6-session "Everyday Technology" course to partial day specialty courses (for Realtors® or Home Media, for example), and keep your eyes open for free workshops coming in Fall 2011.

Signature Curriculum

[Tech for the Non-Geek] is a five-week course that can be taken in entirety, or students may opt to take individual classes a la carte.  This Course covers such topics as - PC basics, keeping your data safe, using email effectively, synchronizing across your computers and phones, etc.

Specialty Courses

[Technology for Realtors®] is designed for real estate agents who would like to expand their business through the use of technology.  This is a two-session course cover such topics as organizing your SOI and Client contacts to ensure you're at the top of their conscience, using social media to grow your business, and using technology for marketing.

[Ubiquitous Media] is designed for the burgeoning geek who'd like to enjoy all of their media (music, movies, TV shows, and photos) across their digital world - at home or on the road.