Gadget of the Week – Eero

Published on May 4, 2016

Slow load times, sudden disconnections, endless buffering – for many of us (this writer included), getting a WiFi signal at home is a daily struggle. For some, the problem is so bad that they’re forced out into coffee shops or libraries for any online job bigger than a Google search.

Shouldn’t WiFi work in our homes as well as it does in our offices? That’s the philosophy behind Eero, the new WiFi networking device system that promises to “blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi.”

How does it work? Unlike a typical home WiFi system – which relies on waves being broadcast from a single, central router – the Eero system creates a “wireless mesh network” with devices plugged in across your home.

Just plug one Eero into your high speed modem and spread several others in strategic areas of your house (all additional units need to work is power from a standard outlet). From there, the Eero devices automatically connect, creating a stable network that extends through more of your home for a faster, more reliable signal.

Another plus to Eero? It’s remarkably easy to set up and maintain. Just download the app to your smartphone: After finishing with its easy setup guide, you can also use the app to check the status of your network, see how many devices are plugged in, and effortlessly share login information with visitors.

Ready to ditch the dead zones? A starter pack of three Eero devices (which is generally enough to cover the typical household, according to the company) will set you back $499 on Amazon; every additional Eero unit is $199 apiece.

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