Evergreen Marketing in a Nutshell

Published on December 25, 2015

Do you want to make your content more searchable, more shareable, and more appealing to your customers? If you answered “yes” to any of the above – and we hope you did – then it’s time to think about trees.

Pine and fir trees – like the kind we bring indoors to light up around the holidays – are known as “evergreen trees,” because their vivid green leaves stick around all year long.

Evergreen content works the same way. We consider a piece evergreen if it’s timeless, with a long, maybe even indefinite, shelf life. It’s the kind of content that your readers will always be seeking out, regardless of the time of year or the hot trend of the moment.

When done right, evergreen content is foundational: It provides the definitions or helps answer the questions your users are already looking for, and it’s a vital piece of any content marketing strategy.

Having the right kind of evergreen content marketing in place can help drive sustainable, continuous traffic to your blog or site, allowing you to build your following and, with the right tools, convert visiting users into clients.

Need some ideas to get started? Here are a five types of evergreen content that never go out of style:

1.) Curated Content

Lots of readers are looking for content, be it links to resources or lists that they can consult again and again. You can become indispensable to your readers – and help improve your SEO – by rounding up that content in one place. For instance, we like to share our favorite things with our Geek readers in posts like 5 Apps That Work Between iPhone and Mac.

2.) How-To Guides

There’s a reason the “… For Dummies” guides have been popular for so long. Tutorials are appealing to readers looking for quick answers to their questions or longer guides to help them navigate a new process. We love guides here at Geek; for an example, check out our handy article on How to Use Social Media to Listen for Potential Clients, and Generate Leads.

3.) Definitions and Glossaries

The web is full of blogs that just parrot industry jargon without really explaining it to their readers. But the chances are good that your users are searching for explanations and products using simple English. On this blog, for instance, we like publishing pieces such as What is SEO, Really? to help our readers find just what they’re looking for.  

4.) “History Of…” Pieces

The great thing about history is that it never really goes out of style. The facts are the facts, and they’re a fun way to draw in readers looking for context or just looking for something unexpected. For an example of how to turn old history into fresh content, give a read to 5 Tech Myths Worth Unplugging.

5.) Industry Best Practices

You’re in the best position to give readers insight into your industry that they can’t find anywhere else. Use your blog to give broad overviews of your industry or dig into the niche details that make your product compelling. For instance, we’ve published articles on running marketing campaigns for all sorts of businesses, from architecture and real estate firms to bars and restaurants.

Evergreen content is a great way to keep guests flocking to your site, be it in the dead of summer or on a snowy Christmas Eve night. Have any more questions about writing evergreen articles? Looking to launch a successful content marketing strategy! We’re here to help! Drop Geek a line whenever you’re ready – like the best evergreen content, we’re always here for you.

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