Finn Law Group

Published on March 4, 2016

Finn Law Group is a Florida-based firm that specializes in pretty noble work: getting their clients out of unwanted timeshare contracts. Their digital presence needed to highlight the team’s professionalism, experience, and reputation. Unfortunately, their site was out of date and not optimized for their ideal user – until Geek stepped in.

Working closely with the firm, our team led a comprehensive revamp of their site’s design and branding.

Our talented graphic design consultant helped create a new logo and visual aesthetic for the firm, one that emphasized the team’s authority and professionalism while integrating seamlessly into their site’s layout and the firm’s reimagined social media presence.

Our efforts didn’t stop there. Our web design team improved the site’s functionality, bringing it to life with an improved call to action, a gorgeous scrolling interface, and a new structure for the site’s “Learning Center” content. On top of that, we oversaw efforts to ensure that the site’s copy could be translated seamlessly into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, the better to suit the law group’s diverse, multilingual client base.

Since hiring Geek, the firm has seen impressive results across all metrics, including an uptick in organic and direct traffic and an increased conversion rate.