Forget Your Autocorrect Woes With This Android App

Published on July 9, 2013

Autocorrect is something to which smartphone users are no stranger.  It has lead to many an embarrassing (yet entertaining) conversation (like such) and certainly can be a pain to personalize. 

We'll wait while you spend the next half hour guffawing at the autocorrect mistakes....

Thankfully, there is a cool Android app entitled User Dictionary which may just be the solution to our autocorrect woes.

User Dictionary, first and foremost, is a workable app that learns from your online behaviors to create a dictionary that is uniquely suited to your typing style.  This includes not only your texting activity, but also e-mails, tweets, and facebook updates.  It notes what words you intentionally spell incorrectly on a frequent basis (like chat speak), names, places, and your own personal slang.

You can choose which online sources it draws its data from.  After analyzing and importing the words it thinks you would like to add to your dictionary, it then will display a list of its selections and you can choose which words you feel would be good to add to your dictionary.

If you wipe your phone or delete the app by accident, you don't need to worry about losing all your words.  User Dictionary has a way to export the dictionary to your SD card as a "backup" option.

There is a free version of the app, but do know that it doesn't analyze as many e-mails and tweets as its paid counterpart.  Still, we Geeks think the free version does its job quite nicely!