App of the Week – FreeConferenceCall

Published on June 7, 2018

As any business owner can tell you, conference calls can be absolutely essential to getting things done.

But bringing together a large group of people – almost always scattered in different places, and perhaps even spread across different time zones – can be clunky and cumbersome, particularly over the phone.

People talk over each other. Bursts of static get in the way of having a clear conversation. People drop off the line, apropos of nothing.

With all this being said, it’s not hard to see why conference calls can sometimes get a bad rap.

That’s why the Geek team loves and its suite of apps for Android and iOS devices. With FreeConferenceCall, you get all of the productivity and progress of a group chat – with none of the all-too-common headaches or hassles.

FreeConferenceCall boasts everything an active business owner could need out of a teleconferencing app – and so much more. In addition to its high quality audio features and seamless video calling and screen-sharing capabilities, FreeConferenceCall also offers users the ability to conference in up to 1000 participants, from anywhere in the world.

You can easily send invitations and welcome in new participants with the app’s simple invite and messaging features. Even better, with FreeConferenceCall, you won’t have to remember to dial in or dig up a convoluted passcode every time you want to host a call; instead, the app allows you to easily save account information for meetings you regularly host or join, giving you easy access to your most important calls, anytime and anywhere.

Ready to step up your conference call game with crystal clear audio and video services? The FreeConferenceCall app is available to download for – you guessed it – free, and comes in versions for both iOS and Android devices.

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