FreedomPop Brings Free Service to the iPhone

Published on May 7, 2014

We've already talked about our positive experience with freemium cell and wireless hotspot provider, FreedomPop.  Now we're pleased to find FreedomPop has expanded their service to include the iPhone under it's free service plan.  

Their basic iPhone plan includes 500 text messages and 500MBs of data a month, completely free.  Bucket plans expand from these bare beginnings of coverage at as little as $5/month.

Additionally, FreedomPop offers a refurbished iPhone 5 for $349, and old off-contract Sprint iPhones (4, 4S, and 5) to its community.

There's an app too?

FreedomPop is also launching its own iOS app.  It allows customers with plans on other carriers to maintain a "virtual phone" alongside existing plans.

FreedomPop assigns every one of these users a new phone number, free of charge.  The goal with this is that users will plan, ultimately, to switch over to FreedomPop instead.

Moving over to iPhone marks a significant move to cover a wider market of smartphone users (aka iPhone users instead of Android-only users.)  We anticipate a growth in popularity, and more positive press for FreedomPop.