Gadget of the Week – Air Umbrella

Published on October 21, 2014

This gadget is certain to reinvent the way that we think about umbrellas! The Air Umbrella creates a virtual force field of air around you, shielding you from the rain without any metal edges or fabric to get in the way.

Powered by a lithium ion battery, a motor, and a fan, this consolidated gadget is the talk of the town. Its continuous flow of air deflects rain particles away from the user (or users - 2 people can apparently fit under this Air Umbrella easily).

When can we expect to see this guy on the market? They're currently working on extending the battery life of the gadget (as the battery life only ranges 15-30 minutes at present), but we can plan to see them start delivering out their products on Kickstarter December 2015.

Click here to learn more about the Air Umbrella