Gadget of the Week – Better Brella

Published on April 20, 2017

We’re no strangers to wind and rain here at Geek; after all, our company was born and bred in the windy city, where powerful gusts, torrential downpours, and lake effect craziness are all facts of life. A row of dripping wet umbrellas is a common sight in our offices, and our rain coat collection is unparalleled.

Plenty of gadgets have promised to make coping with wet and windy weather easier, to differing degrees of success (remember the Windblocker, anyone?). One fairly new idea recently took a hold of our team, and we actually put a whole meeting on hold to research it and watch all the videos we could find. That weather-fighting gadget? The Better Brella.

The main selling point of the Better Brella is its “reverse open-close technology;” essentially, this product turns the traditional umbrella upside down and inside out. Rather than folding the canopy down when you close the umbrella, the Better Brella folds the sides up, turning the canvas into a waterproof cone that traps the wetness, rather than letting it spill out onto your floor.

Once you’re high and dry, you can empty that excess water into a bowl, a toilet – heck, even a potted plant. Even better, the Brella’s inverted design makes it easier to stay covered as you slip in and out of your building or your car – no more getting caught in the rain struggling with a bulky canopy.

What do you think? Was it time for the umbrella to get a design overhaul? See for yourself: The Better Brella is available in multiple colors from Amazon, where it retails for $29.95.

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