Gadget of the Week – Ergo

Published on July 13, 2015

Standing desks are now integrating with the tech world, thanks to Indieagogo-funded Ergo - the "world's first smart standing desk."


Functionally speaking, this desk performs just like you'd think it would, being able to raise up and down with it's toggle, migrating the high-grade industrial steel frame up and down with a couple of built-in buttons. But wait. There's so much more.

This desk is labeled "smart" for a reason. Ergo has been wired with a couple of high-tech innovations, including:

  • Built-in memory pad - This records your desk height preferences
  • Wireless phone-charging station
  • Built-in USB charging port
  • HD speaker system
  • Personal assistant capabilities - You can ask your desk to call a taxi for you, play your favorite playlist, ask about the weather, and more. (This requires integration with a smartphone or tablet, of course)
  • Voice control capabilities - This desk can connect to other smart objects, like Nest or Wemo, to change your thermostat, turn on and off lights, or turn on the coffee maker
  • Control via mobile app - Smartwatches and smartphones alike can control the motion of your desk with an integrated app
  • "Training mode" - This feature trains you to use a sit-to-stand desk the right way, with the recommended sit-to-stand ratio

The Ergo will come in a variety of forms, should you not need all of these fancy attributes. Click here to learn more about the Indiegogo campaign, and to support this neat product.