Gadget of the Week – HearNotes

Published on May 8, 2015

This headphones project promises the first fully "WireFree" models on the market. No wires for listening or charging, and... no Bluetooth. Magic in earbud form, you query? Something like that.

These little headphones come with a transmitter that works with any device with 50-foot range that houses a 3.5mm jack. This includes smart phones, televisions, and computers.

Here's the deal with Kleer technology vs. Bluetooth technology. Kleer is lossless and uncompressed data, which makes it less susceptible to interference, providing CD-Quality sound. And it is device agnostic. Bluetooth, sadly, has none of these qualities.

When it comes time to charge this device, HearNotes will come with an all-in-once charging pad and carrying case. The base station inductively charges your earbuds just by placing them on the pad, and when you're done, it can double up as a travel case. (Note: The charger itself does use a wire.)

HearNotes are currently being backed on Kickstarter, so check them out to get early access to this new gadgetry!

Click here or on the image to get more information about HearNotes