Gadget of the Week – Kokoon EEG Headphones

Published on June 15, 2015

These Kickstarter headphones are the first designed to improve your sleep. Described as "The Ultimate Sleep Sanctuary," Kokoon ups the ante with EEG sensors that provide you insight into how you're sleeping.

The audio settings on these headphones adjust naturally as you fall asleep, helping users to fall into a deep sleep with sleep-triggering relaxing audio tracks (or your own music) which fades away once you fall asleep. Using EEG sensors, these headphones wake you up at the optimum point in your sleep cycle so you wake up rested.

Kokoon's EEG monitoring sensors are of the type used in sleep clinics and hospitals, and are considered an accurate way to monitor sleep patterns. Miniature EEG sensors are held within the headphones themselves, and track your sleep patterns over time. You can monitor your sleep patterns over time with the accompanying app.

These headphones are built with a patented FlexMould comfort system, which is designed with complete comfort in mind. The headphone molds around the natural contours of the ear and the shape of your head while in a resting position. They resist collecting heat with air circulation designed into the model.

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