Gadget of the Week – One Camera

Published on June 29, 2015

DxO has unveiled what might possibly be the best smartphone compatible camera upgrade we've seen - the One.

The One is able to tap into your iPhone's functionality through a lightning port connector, with a significant upgrade in camera quality. We're talking a high functioning 20 megapixel one-inch sensor (which, as Gizmodo points out, is also found in Sony's RX100), a 32mm equivalent f/1.8 prime lens, and a 1/8000 max shutter speed. These stats are for sure pro-quality.

While the One looks a little bit like an action cam in size and shape, easily being able to slip into your pocket for on-the-go capturing is a must for these types of devices. You can capture a photo by using One's physical shutter button, or by using the app interface capture button. Getting angled shooting or taking a selfie is easy with the One, as the device does pivot 60 degrees in either direction.

Any JPG photos that you capture with the One hooked up to your iPhone are automatically transferred to your phone, while RAW files are stored on a removable microSD card.

In terms of device compatibility, the device is only compatible with Apple devices for now. Future versions may offer more compatibility for other smartphones.

The downside of this device is certainly the price tag, coming in at a staggering $600. However, if you're looking for a high-quality upgrade to your smartphone, the One is definitely the way to go for long-term usage. We can expect the DxO One to be shipped out in September.

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