Gadget of the Week – OnePlus 2

Published on August 26, 2015

With its sleek design that can rival the iPhone and a price tag that won't make you weep, the OnePlus 2 is a smartphone out to be the "2016 Flagship Killer." (And you know about the demise of flagship smartphones, right?)

Featuring 4G LTE and 5.5" screen with StyleSwap covers, the OnePlus 2 is currently invite-only for Sprint and T-Mobile Users. Its 1080p suits its screen size and won't drain the battery as quickly as a 1440p display, lengthening the lifespan of its juice. 

And, as a solid competitor in the sub-$400 smartphone category, the OnePlus2 is a great choice for those looking to stay within a tight budget without sacrificing style or convenience.