Gadget of the Week – Onyx

Published on March 30, 2015

Remember those communicators all those Star Trek crew members used? Well, it looks like they're starting to become a reality.

Meet Onyx - the first wearable group communications device of its kind. Just charge it up, put it on your personage, hit the middle button, and you're able to instantly communicate with the rest of your team members.

You can use Onyx anywhere you have a data connection, whether this means across the street or around the world. That's right, folks. No geographical limitations with this device. This is thanks to the Bluetooth pairing Onyx has to your Android or iPhone, which then connects to Onyx's own state-of-the-art communications network (regardless of your carrier).

As one of the many added bonuses for this device, Onyx boasts an advanced group management features on Android or iOS devices, including instant notification of the position of everyone in your groups and their status. (Because, you know, just in case we start being able to make "Beam me up, Scottie," a reality as well, this position tracking will be even more beneficial than it already is.)

Right now, Onyx comes in at $99.00 and is most beneficial when purchased to use with a group of people using the same devices. When you buy a group of these, you get a discount. Yippee!

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