Gadget of the Week – Samsung Gear S2

Published on November 11, 2015

It’s still the wild west for smartwatches, and Samsung just introduced their new flagship. And it’s awesome.

Samsung’s new Gear S2 line up rocks a futuristic design and runs the Tizen OS. Get rid of any dirty thoughts you’ve had about Tizen, because the updated user interface is fluid and looks beautiful.

One of our favorite features is the rotating bezel, and it’s the primary way you will navigate the watch. Rotating the bezel effectively controls the watch. It easily beats out the digital crown control on the Apple Watch because it feels more intuitive, comfortable, and natural.

Samsung is making the new S2 Gear compatible with any device running Android 4.4 or later with at least 1.6 gigabytes of ram. All geeks aside, it will work with older devices and that’s a win all around.

The S2 comes in two versions, standard and classic, with the standard priced at $299 and the classic at $349.