Gadget of the Week – Skully

Published on March 12, 2015

The Skully AR-1 claims to be the world's smartest motorcycle helmet, and for good reason. This smart device will likely do a whole lot more than just protect your head.

The AR-1 boasts a rear-view camera and a "heads-up display" which displays information such as speed, directions, fuel levels, and caller ID right within the motorcyclist's line of sight. Bluetooth connectivity enables the AR-1 to connect with your smartphone to display all of this information - and provide GPS services at real time.

Not only this, but the visor is glare-resistant, fog-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

The AR-1 has about 9 hours of continuous use on one charge, and is certified for use in the U.S. and internationally by the Department of Transport and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Does it come at a price? Of course. Those interested in buying the Skully AR-1 had to spend $1,399 to pre-order a helmet on Indiegogo. Still, this helmet has already reached widespread community support, attracting an astounding $2,444,926 on their Indiegogo campaign which ended in October, dramatically surpassing its original $250,000 goal.

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