Gadget of the Week – Sleepow

Published on July 27, 2015

We sleep with them, but what if they helped us sleep? Sleepow is a pillow that does so much more, assisting users in getting a better night's sleep.

Using a combination of psychoacoustics and neurophysiology research, the Sleepow pillow lulls you to sleep with sleep-stimulating music and binaural beats (two-tones played at slightly different frequencies) scientifically geared to reduce your stress levels and heighten your relaxation.

The pillow itself is constructed with a memory foam body, and an fully-integrated stereo sound machine within. The outer cover of the pillow completely encases the speakers inside, which you can control via external side panel. This includes volume and mode controls, as well as a mini-USB port and audio jack for private listening.

The USB port will also be your means for recharging your pillow and uploading additional MP3 files. Otherwise, this pillow can operate completely wire and cable-free.

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