Gadget of the Week – SolarGoPack

Published on March 10, 2015

Charge your devices on the go with this solar powered backpack entitled SolarGoPack. Armed with a powerful 5w, 12k mAh battery powered by lightweight removable solar panel, this durable backpack can charge any of your mobile electronic devices. This bag is truly innovative in its cutting edge solar panel technology.

The backpack itself is a 35 liter durable waterproof vessel, and comes with device adapters to ensure the backpack is well suited to your own needs.

Right now you can order a SolarGoPack from Amazon Prime for $139.95. It provides a green alternative to your other power solutions, and can accommodate all kinds of uses - travel, camping, biking, hiking, commuting, school, music festivals, you name it.

Take your power with you and make the most of this cutting edge technology from SolarGoPack.

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