Gadget of the Week – Swatchmate Cube

Published on August 10, 2015

Sometimes, finding the right color - say, for painting your room, designing an image, or identifying your perfect wedding color palate - is important. The Swatchmate Cube will undoubtedly become your new best friend.

This tiny cube can scan any object, at any time, and identify it's exact color information. Say, you really want to know the specific color of the vibrantly perfect tangerine you're eating right now. Just grab your cube, scan the peel, and the companion app will give you the information you need.

Taking this a step further, the Swatchmate Cube also hooks up to major painting companies to create a swatch book for you, and let you buy the exact right paint color from a local paint store without any hassle.

For you graphic designers out there, this color information can also be revealed in HEX color code formatting for seamless web design. Photoshop is the best companion software for the Swatchmate Cube.

The Cube comes at a $179.95 price-tag, so this device may prove most cost-effective for those who frequently find themselves interacting with color.

Click here or on the image to learn more about the Swatchmate Cube