Gadget of the Week – The Drinkable Book

Published on October 21, 2015

This book brings the "instruction manual" to a whole new level. Earlier this year, WATERisLIFE launched The Drinkable Book - the first book that can kill deadly waterborne diseases, and provide clean water for up to four years.

Each page of this book serves a dual purpose. On the pages themselves, facts and tips explaining the risks of consuming unfiltered, untreated water (including the development of cholera, E.coli, and typhoid.) Secondly, the pages themselves can be torn out and used to filter water.

Think of it as kind of as a coffee filter with a degree in science. They filter out anything that has the ability to transmit a deadly disease. (Well, 99.99% of a reduction of bacteria anyway, which is comparable to the filtered water we have here in the US.)

To use the books pages, simply tear along the perforated line, slide the filter into the 3D printed case - which luckily is the book's packaging - and the pour the contaminated water through. The result? Healthy, drinkable water.

The book comes with 24 usable pages, and each page comes with two usable filters that individually last for 30 days. Do the math, and this means one person can provide themselves with healthy, drinkable water for up to four years.

What you're looking at, my friends, could very well be a worldwide game changer.

Click here or on the image to learn more about the Drinkable Book