Gadget of the Week – Vortex, the Palm-Sized Robot

Published on September 9, 2015

"Educational Fun!"

For many children and former-children, this phrase might conjure up images of straight-laced and dull TV programming; memories of long summer days spent at dusty, uninventive museums that sort of smell like Grandpa's house; and the voices of well-intentioned, overzealous parents who claim that "you'll appreciate this when you're older."

But, in the case of DFRobot's latest offering, Vortex, "educational fun" is actually just that. Though this itty-bitty robot is still in the post-crowdfunding phase, we're looking forward to its companion apps that will teach bigger kids (i.e. anyone older than six) how to code and the basics of robotics through games and interactive software with a bright and friendly interface.

And, we have to admit that the Geek team really digs their mission:

"We believe kids can benefit a lot from robotics, in identifying their own challenges, learning how stuff works, solving new problems, motivating themselves to complete a project, working together, inspiring others, and sharing with others. That’s why we created Vortex to be more than just a toy."

Meant to bring in more students into STEM professions, Vortex lets kiddos tinker and play while engaging in "educational fun." We think it looks like a great first step in helping children understand technological basics.