Gadget of the Week – ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer

Published on February 2, 2015

ZUtA Labs presents the first mini robotic printer that you can fit in your pocket. It comes with a rechargable battery and an on/off switch, it connects directly to smartphone and PCs, and allows users to print on any size piece of paper.

How does it work? The device is equipped with a unique mechanical drive system and WiFi connectivity. Simply align the corner of the printer with the corner of whatever standard size paper you want to print on, and click print (or send the document to the mobile app) to print your paper. Thanks to the Pocket Printer's unique mechanical parts, the job is done in a flash.

Right now it only prints in black, but we are sure color printing is right down the road.

Click here or on the image to learn more about the ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer