Gadget of the Week – Garmin Speak

Published on December 28, 2017

It’s no secret that the Geek team is a big fan of Amazon’s Alexa. We use the endlessly handy voice assistant to organize our schedules, blast out playlists, and conduct simple internet searches every single day, thanks to the Echo device we have stationed prominently in our office.

But, for true Alexa addicts, just having the feature at home or at work isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need access to hands-free voice commands even when you’re on the go.

Enter the Garmin Speak.

The latest car accessory from Garmin – a brand long known for its wearables and well-reviewed navigation devices – is the first device to offer Alexa integration specifically for cars. It’s a market that Amazon is clearly looking to tap into moving forward, even going so far as to announce that BMW’s 2018 models will come with Alexa integration.

For drivers looking for all of the utility of Alexa without the price tag of a brand new BMW, though, the Garmin Speak is a great little device.

For one thing, it’s highly sleek and compact, registering in at just 1.5 inches and boasting an LED light ring, a simple OLED display, and a handy, low-profile magnetic mount.

What’s more, the Speak offers just about every aspect of Alexa functionality that a driver could want. Even if the hardware is shaped like a disk, it’s clear that nobody cut any corners here.

Once you’ve synced the gadget up with the complimentary smartphone app – which will then allow you to connect the Speak to your car’s audio system via Bluetooth or AUX – you can use the little device to effortlessly play music, access turn-by-turn navigation, get traffic and weather updates, refresh your calendar, and more, all without ever having to take your hands off your vehicle’s steering wheel!

Think of the remarkable capabilities! Imagine being able to add new items to your shopping list while en route to the grocery store, or having the ability to double-check your home’s smart security systems without having to disrupt your commute to work.

The functionality is just about endless – and, ringing in at right around $150 from various retailers, the Garmin Speak is a steal.

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